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Go for a Walk

29 Jul

I wish all shoulder angels were that straightforward.  See you Monday!



27 Jul

Cereal is hilarious!  If you want to see why I really try to avoid it, check out this video from the funniest web series I’ve ever seen, Baman Piderman.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVolqamEQy4  It requires a certain type of humor to really find it funny, but either way, you should watch the whole thing in order to understand how it pertains to this particular comic.

Also, speaking of breakfast!  I’m totally in love with this omelet I made the other day.  You take some butter, from grass-fed cows of course, and melt it in a pan.  Then drop in some Pancetta, which is delicious.  Make sure it’s diced up.  Meanwhile, beat two eggs (or three if you’re super hungry) and when the Pancetta is cooked, dump the egg over it.  By now the pan should be hot enough to cook the eggs all the way through in very little time.  Once they’re not liquidy anymore, put some raw sharp cheddar on one half and turn the burner off.  Then fold that sucker in half and slide it onto a plate.  If you want to get really daring, add some avocado slices to the top of it and/or sprinkle it with more cheese!  Enjoy!