14 Jul

Recently, the USDA announced that maybe grass-fed cows aren’t such a bad idea after all.  You can check out a little more about that here: Frankly it’s been my experience that grass-fed just tastes better, but maybe that’s just me.  Know what I love?  Marrow.  Used to eat it in pea soup, but recently I’ve taken to eating a couple bones every now and then all by themselves.  They’re so rich, a couple is all I can take.  If you want to make some for yourself, it’s easy.  Take a baking sheet, line with tinfoil (to catch extra juices and to make clean-up a breeze) and place the marrow bones vertically on it (so the marrow is facing up).  Sprinkle a little salt, sea salt if you have it, over the marrow.  Put the bones in the oven and set it to 300 degrees.  Cook for about 20 minutes, or until the marrow looks good and bubbly.  It’s okay to eat it raw believe it or not, if you trust the source of the marrow (in other words, grass-fed is safest, but if you’re not sure, be sure to cook it all the way through), but I don’t prefer it that way.  It does mean that if it comes out a little pink in the middle, it’s okay to eat.  An added tip – if you can let the bones come to room temperature before cooking them.  That’s all there is to it!  You might need to dig up a tiny spoon so you can eat them, but other than that, it’s a very easy process.  See you Monday!


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